Build Successful Collaboratives - Teleclass or Webinar Series


A series of 6 one hour teleclasses/webinars designed to build practical skills for collaboration practitioners. If you are a collaboration manager, health promoter, adult educator or community developer these classes are for you. Easily accessible by phone and scheduled for your convenience, all classes are interactive with handouts provided to participants.
Classes use material based on my book Alliances, Coalitions and Partnerships: Building Collaboratives that Work, my recent research and upcoming book on developing the governance framework for collaboratives.

Benefits of teleclass or webinar training with Joan Roberts MA (Certified Teleclass Leader)


  • Workshops focus on the how tos (giving practical information and instructions on the way to do something) not easily found in the training market place
  • Same content as in popular face to face workshops
  • Highly participative
  • Convenient times to access training
  • No need to leave your office
  • Affordable long distance providers now available for 5 cents per minute or less (phone cards or 10 10 YAK)
  • Training is developed to help adult learners build upon what they know and actively engage them through interactive exercises and participative discussion
  • Workshop participants have the security and peace of mind of working with a trainer with both academic training and extensive hands on experience in workshop topic areas
  • Teleclass workshops can be customized and designed to enhance management, work, group and communication processes for groups located anywhere in the world.
  • Contact Joan for more information.

Teleclass/Webinar Series:



    You Can Build Successful Alliances, Coalitions And Partnerships!

    This class is an introduction to the collaborative form of organization used by alliances, coalitions and partnerships. You will learn:

  • The reasons why this form of organization is chosen to solve complex problems
  • The kind of work undertaken by collaboratives 
  • The organizational continuum
  • The top 5 benefits and challenges
  • Learn the first steps to get the most of your multi-stakeholder processes! 

    Discover the 6 Step Development Model to Build Successful Alliances, Coalitions And Partnerships. 

    This class is an introduction to the 6 step development model developed in Joan’s books. You will learn:

An overview of the 6 step collaborative development framework:
Step 1 - Determining the need for a collaborative and exploring the problem set
Step 2 - Motivation to collaborate
Step 3 - Member identification and selection
Step 4 - Collaborative planning
Step 5 - Building an organization
Step 6 - Evaluation
Learn how to approach collaborative development in a systematic manner!

    Build the Infrastructure for Successful Alliances, Coalitions And Partnerships!

    This class is designed to help collaboration practitioners build trust, governance structures and work systems to implement collaborative initiatives and programs. 

 You will learn:
  • About the model for collaborative organizational effectiveness
  • New tools for trust building, governance and work co-ordination

  • The importance of balancing all three streams for maximum effectiveness

    Discover the Leadership Skills Needed for Successful Alliances, Coalitions And Partnerships.

This class is designed to explore and develop the lateral leadership skills needed to manage across horizontal boundaries.
 You will learn:
  • The characteristics of Lateral Leadership
  • How lateral leadership is different that leadership in the workplace
  • The power of emotional awareness in order to build a safe container for your group
  • Learn how to build lateral leadership skills for your work with collaboratives!

    Power Issues in Alliances, Coalitions and Partnerships.

    This class enhances your ability to identify power issues and develop appropriate strategies and techniques to deal with the unique power dynamics that emerge when organizations collaborate.

      You will learn:
  • The difference between power and authority
  • The sources of informal and formal power
  • About power issues at various stages of collaborative development
  • Positive political skills
Learn how to approach power positively to harness it for social change!

    Conflict Skills for Collaboration Practitioners

    This class will provide an assessment tool explore your own preferred styles to approach conflict and provide a tool to help you select the appropriate conflict strategy for any situation.

You will learn:
  • Your preferred conflict style
  • A guide to conflict strategy to help practitioners approach conflict
  • Tips to handle conflict in a collaborative
Learn positive ways to deal with conflict in collaboratives!