Executive Leadership Training For Non-Profit Leaders

The Challenge: Cutbacks, changes to the way non-profits and opportunities for growth, have created unprecedented challenges for non-profit organizations in Ontario. Now more than ever, non-profit organizations need innovative, courageous and powerful leadership. This program is customized for organizations that need to gain some control over the uncontrollable and build critical skills for sustainable change. The program was designed to concurrently foster transformative personal and organizational change to foster participants' understanding of the relationship between organizational, social systems and individual well-being. Tested concepts and skills will be taught to enable non-profit leaders to increase their personal adaptive capacity, enhance their sense of personal power and learn how to develop teams capable of sustained response to abrupt as well as ongoing context changes, such as funding program changes


Program Outcomes: Increased leadership competencies:

  • Leadership and management of non-profit organizations
  • Conflict management skills including negotiation and mediation
  • Facilitation
  • Manage diversity
  • Planning and decision-making
  • Modeling authenticity and integrity
  • Communication including influencing and persuasion
  • Self care, stress management, boundary management and developing work-life balance
  • Coaching
  • Group processes and team building
  • Build trust
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Unique features and benefits of Joan Roberts Consulting:

    • Continuous training team of three who teach the material in a progressive way building on the course themes and integrating the learning into participants’ personal development plan and coaching goals.
    • More than 300 page workbook full of techniques, templates and case studies.
    • Talent Smart’s Quick Book on Emotional Intelligence and on line assessment
    • NPO skill assessment and individual learning plans for coaching
    • Firo B, Group Needs Assessment
    • Thomas Killman Conflict assessment
    • A supplementing article per month
    • Some form of art and meditation every month

    Testimonials from graduates:

    2006 CohortI was very satisfied with the Leadership Program. Sustainability is a continuing challenge at Literature for Life. I felt that I learned some valuable tactics to move forward. We have been able to strengthen our board and increase our funding opportunities.” Jo Altilia Founder and Executive Director Literature for Life I believe the program generally integrated great materials with good classroom sessions. Given its focus on change management, it also maintained a common theme allowing for different projects involving change. I believe the theme was well conceived with a focus on the personal and material aspects associated with change. Latha Sukumar, MA. LLB (ON) Executive Director Multilingual community Interpreter Services (ON)

    2007-2008 Cohort Wellesley’s 2007/08 Executive Leadership Training Program is an excellent series for leaders facing both internal and external challenges, so typical of the not-for-profit world today. For me, the program gave a whole new meaning to Gandhi’s age-old ideology that I grew up with: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Starting with the retreat, each session is an emotional journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. Thru this program, I was able to rediscover the “true me.” While, it’s taken me 40 years to find myself, it’s one discovery I don’t want to let go of in a hurry! Firdaus Ali, Executive Director, Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention The Executive Leadership training course developed by Joan Roberts, and facilitated by Joan, Jacques Tripogney and Yasmine Razack is one of the most effective and inspiring course that I have ever attended. The training is designed to create safe and empowering environment where emerging leaders meet experienced leaders to network, share ideas, voice their opinions but most importantly learn one from another. The course had an enormous impact on my views and approach to my leadership role not just at work place but also in my personal life. I really liked the way training modules taught me to accept my natural instincts and abilities of leading the change and leading others and build upon the formal education. Yasmin, Joan and Jacques are amazing facilitators who had skills to bring the best out of all of us and show us how much power to influence and change the world we all have, as the personal level is the level that affects the change. Tatjana Radovanovic Canadian Red Cross, Toronto Region Manager, Homeless Services & Volunteer and Administrative Resources It's been a pleasure to have learnt so many new things from you. The program was wonderful and offered many great learning opportunities. Vanita Varma Executive Director Distress Centre Peel