Group Coaching Program

8 Week Group Coaching Program for Non Profit EDs and Senior Managers

What is Coaching? Tim Gallwey in the book, The Inner Game of Tennis, defines coaching as: " Unlocking a person's potential to maximize his or her own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them".

What is the "Relief for Stressed Out NPO Leaders Group Coaching Program"?

Joan Roberts a trainer and coach to the non-profit and government sectors, has created a revolutionary 8 Step group coaching process to bring relief to stressed out Non Profit Organization leaders. The process is unlike traditional training programs because it works from the inside out and focuses on the needs of the whole person instead of just building skills and new knowledge. Coaching assists leaders in leading themselves first … so that others are inspired to follow. The coaching process helps you get back into the driver’s seat of your own life and connect with your own inner resources. Not only will you receive professional advice from the coach and a workbook full of tools that you compete at your own pace, but you'll also learn from your colleagues. The group provides a high level of interaction and feedback so possibilities expand to new levels by having multiple perspectives to draw from. The program is designed to help EDs and senior managers thrive in the chaotic non-profit workplace. Private executive coaching sessions cost upwards to $400 an hour. Group coaching is a low cost alternative that is oriented towards peer support and the unique challenges facing executive directors and senior managers of non-profit organizations. What do you receive? When providing a group coaching program for your staff  you will receive:

  • Program orientation
  • A self directed workbook
  • Personal assessments re conflict , group and learning styles
  • Networking and cross learning between fellow group coaching participants
  • Individual coaching during sessions
  • High-level interaction, feedback, and a new outlook
  • A step-by-step methodical reflective process that utilizes many self awareness exercises in a 65-page workbook.
  • 1 face to face and 7 convenient teleconference sessions scheduled to suit the busy non-profit executive.

Who does group coaching assist?.

  • Those staff who have lost track of looking after themselves and are at high risk of burnout.
  • Staff who can't keep up with competing demands and need help leading your team or organization.
  • Anyone who appreciates a structure to hold themself accountable to thier goals.
  • Someone who is ready to take the initiative and risks involved to move outside thierr comfort zone for a more fulfilling career.
  • Staff that need help to be passionate about thier work and overcome the fear of change.
  • Those who have the desire and inspiration to make this coming year extraordinary.

What does the Group Coaching experience include?

  • A get to know you introductory session with group members
  • One face to face full hour group coaching session
  • 7 sixty-minute scheduled telephone sessions that are full-hour coaching sessions
  • Between phone calls, the group can email each other for insights, updates, questions, challenges and support. You gain feedback from all supportive individuals involved in the group.
  • A safe and confidential relationship.
  • Access to all of Joan’s programs, resources, articles, and content to facilitate professional and personal development.

How can the Group Coaching process help?

The group coaching process will help your staff:

  • Accurately assess your capacity for leadership.
  • Define your vision and goals as a manager/leader.
  • Create deeper meaning in their life.
  • Break out of preconceived ideas of what can or can't be done.
  • Identify the barriers that block innate gifts/talents.
  • Find fulfillment from current work.
  • Be acknowledged and recognized for their talents.

Why does Group Coaching work?

  • A successful coaching process involving intuitive listening, constructive feedback, thought-provoking questions, coachable moments, identifying solutions and options, creating successful action plans, identifying obstacles that might limit the individual's success, and implementation of the plan.
  • Years of combined experience, knowledge, wisdom, and perspective from the participants (and the coach) accelerates the learning and growth so goals are achieved with less time and effort.
  • You feel the support of the other like-minded participants so that you can leverage the strength and wisdom of others in helping you break through the personal challenges and barriers that have limited your success.
  • You participate in a safe and confidential learning environment in which the other group members respect confidentiality.
  • You receive extraordinary coaching for a reduced investment.
  • Networking with other successful, experienced professionals who will share contacts and leverage their network for your success.